Reputation Management

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Have Professionals Manage Your Online Reputation:-

Counter-Propaganda Strategy:-

Counter-Propaganda is the practice of taking measures to portray an opposing piece of Propaganda as false, instructing the target audience to think or act in a manner that counters the original Propaganda. To be effective, Counter-Propaganda must target the same audience as the original Propaganda message and may often employ the same methods. Counter-Propaganda is different to Propaganda in that it is a completely reactionary concept. Because it intends to counter previously stated Propaganda messages, Counter-Propaganda initiatives cannot be employed preemptively.

SEO and Reputation Management:

If you employ Reputation management only once a negative publicity attack is under way then it might be too late. Unfortunately many companies overlook the importance of preventing such an attack by working with a web development company to protect their brand image. Once a publicity attack is underway it can be curbed with a strong SEO intervention, but prevention is better than cure - how many customers are you willing to lose due to seeing negative publicity? Prevention is better than cure.