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Complete OMR Solution

The OMR sheets are evaluated using the Optical Mark Recognition technology, i.e. the process to capture the human-marked data from bubbled sheets. This technology is considered to be the fastest, efficient, accurate means of conducting any examination. The papers are of multiple choices and it is accepted and implemented throughout the globe.

Faster Processing And Result Preparation

The OMR scanners are hard to maintain and are expensive in cost. The OMR sheet reading software is swift to operate with low maintenance and initial cost. For an OMR sheet scanning software the prior scanned sheets are allowed to pass through the software for evaluation. The analyzed results can further be stored online or exported in the form of excel format.

  • Optimum Efficiency
  • Minimal error quotient
  • Highly Reliable with minimized cost

  • OMR based questionnaires have found huge application
  • Efficient System