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PrimeZone Purchase Orders

PrimeZone Purchase Orders is an integral part of the organisation’s distribution and manufacturing functions. Purchase Order provides you with the functionality to simplify your purchasing and receiving processes while ensuring greater order accuracy. It enables the monitoring of the quality, accuracy, lead times and cost of purchases, while providing comprehensive supplier performance analysis. Purchase Orders can also maximise warehouse efficiencies by guiding receiving personnel to designated preferred stock put-away bins

The benefits of Purchase Orders

PrimeZone the Purchase Order system includes a Goods Received Notes Suspense System (GRN) for Accounts Payable invoice matching; a Requisition System and a Supplier’s Performance report, along with free-format requisitions and foreign currency options. Goods can be received directly into a warehouse or can go through an inspection process. Various pricing mechanisms can be used, such as contracts with suppliers, foreign prices, the warehouse cost or last cost from the supplier. Supplier performance can be monitored and reported on.

  • Purchase approval workflow via the Requisition system for improved expenditure control
  • Requisition groups for approval levels and budgets
  • Fast conversion of approved requisitions to purchase orders
  • Multi-line purchase orders with the option of a different warehouse and due date per order line
  • Order line comments, as well as a notepad facility to record purchase requisition and purchase order notes
  • Multi-currency with fixed or current exchange rate per order
  • Capture key vendor metrics to identify vendors that perform well and those that don’t.
  • Copy facility for rapid processing of repeat orders