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Counter Sales

Counter Sales facilitates efficient over-the-counter sales transactions, by enabling the receipt of payments and deposits at the point of transaction. Similar to a retailer that has a point-of-sale register, the counter sale process within will support walk-up cash, credit card and on-account sale transactions, and integrate the cash draw with end of day reconciliation

The benefits of Counter Sales

All parcels have been offered at public auction. The remaining parcels may now be purchased over the counter. The minimum bid acceptable is the basic sale price which is shown on the list of tax-forfeited lands. The basic sale price may or may not be equal to the appraised value.Any parcel not sold at a public sale may be purchased after the public sale by paying the basic sale price. The basic sale price cannot be changed until the parcel is re-appraised, republished and again offered at a later sale.

  • Multiple deposit receipts and cash receipts against accounts
  • Various payment types and multiple cash drawers
  • Fast, accurate information to customers and sales staff at the customer counter
  • Provision for complex pricing structures such as contract pricing and discounts
  • Prevention of sales to customers in excess of their credit terms
  • Access to current information on customer sales, inventory movement and cash receipts during order entry
  • Ability to sell serialized or lot traceable items
  • Tracking of cash sales, deposit history and payment transactions